Landlord / Tenant Resources

About the Resources

On this page is a list of customer service resources especially designed for landlords and tenants who often have questions about utility bills, projected bill amounts, and utility services. 
  • Utility Account Open or Close Service Request
  • Mailing Address Update - This form allows the landlord to update the mailing address for the water utility. It provides the option to send the bill to the landlord, tenant, or both.
  • New Resident Information Booklet - This will take you to our New Resident Information Booklet. This is a great resource to help you familiarize yourself with city services and ways to keep informed of community happenings.
  • Calculate Final Water Bill
  • Landlord Property Information Form - Fill out this form, listing all of your properties. List the meter readings and date obtained. Upon receipt, we will formulate an actual bill, which will not only show the current amount, but any late payment penalties or past due amounts. Your request will be processed within 3 business days. This option requires a $40 charge per request/landlord for up to five (5) service addresses.
  • Property Certification Form - New tenants are required to provide a signed lease copy prior to establishing service. If a lease is unavailable, landlords can fill out a Landlord Property Certification Form in lieu of a signed lease copy.
  • Rental Property Update Form

More Information

If you do not find what you need here, please call customer service at (302) 366-7000.

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