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1. How do I open and close a utility account?
2. I am a new homeowner, how do I put the service in my name?
3. How do I pay my utility bill?
4. What is the customer charge listed on my bill?
5. How do I make payment arrangements?
6. I did an online move-in through Customer Connect, how do I complete the activation of my account?
7. I disagree with the amount of my bill, what should I do?
8. I need help paying my bills, what can I do?
9. What is the “Energy next” line on my bill?
10. What is Budget Billing?
11. Will my preauthorized payment status follow me from one account to another?
12. How do I change the name on the bill?
13. I am a tenant who is unable to place water service in my name, why?
14. What is the difference between the white and pink bills?
15. What is Customer Connect?
16. What type of information will Customer Connect provide?
17. I am having trouble selecting a password for my Customer Connect account.
18. What payment methods are accepted online?
19. Are my Customer Connect transactions secure?
20. How soon will the payment reflect on my account?
21. What information is required to use a credit card?
22. What information is required to use a checking account?
23. My account number does not match the Customer Connect.
24. I forgot my password, how can I reset?
25. I keep receiving an error when I attempt to reset my password.
26. I forgot my username, how can I reset?
27. I just set up my account with a representative, how can I view or pay online?
28. Can I pay my ticket online?
29. Why does my account show my old address?
30. I am moving from one address to another, will my Customer Connect account automatically transfer over to my new address?
31. Can customers sign up for Preauthorized Payments (PAP) or Budget Billing through Customer Connect?
32. Who can I reach out to for Customer Connect assistance?