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Relinquishing/Transfer of Residential Parking Permit

  1. Form Relinquishing Residential Parking Permit/Transfer of Permit
    This form is for those with an active permit that wish to transfer over their Residential Permit spot to a roommate.

    You will need to provide:
    - Your Driver’s License (a digital/printout will suffice)
    - Proof of permit destruction (a photograph of the destroyed permit or removal from windshield).
    Please note that proof of permit destruction is necessary to allow a transfer to occur.

    The new applicant must complete a Residential Parking Form ( /FormCenter/Parking-Forms-4/Residential-Parking-Permit-Form-41 ) and be approved before a permit can be issued.
  2. Permit Holder's Information
  3. I am relinquishing my permit for the following reason(s) (check all that apply):*
  4. *
    Subletters who are applying for the permit spot must provide a legal sublet agreement AND the original lease. There must be a clause in the original lease allowing subletting or a document from the landlord.
  5. Please up load a photo of the destroyed permit. If unable to remove -- please note that displaying a deactivated permit on-street could result in fines.

  6. Need to view only the front.

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