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Lot Permit Form

  1. Vehicle Parking Registration - City of Newark Parking Lot Permit

    If you have been approved for a City of Newark Lot Permit, please complete the following information.

  2. Have you previously had a City Lot Permit?

  3. If your permit is through a landlord or business please provide this information here.

  4. Lot Rules & Regulations

    I, the signed permit holder, acknowledge the following rules and regulations, and understand the corrective action(s) that could be incurred for violating said procedures.

  5. 1. Permit sticker will be affixed to the inside windshield on driver’s side in lower corner. Failure to comply may result in an hourly charge, citations or towing;

    2. Windshield must be cleared within 24 hours after snowstorm;

    3. Permit sticker will be placed on the vehicle registered with the Parking Division. If any change to vehicle, the Parking Division will be notified prior to vehicle change;

    4. Permits are not transferable to any other person and there will be a $65.00 charge for a replacement sticker due to accidents, change in vehicle or loss of sticker;

    5. If an incident occurs in the parking lot, call the Parking Division immediately to report any issues. If the incident occurs during the weekday after 6PM or on the weekend, call the Newark Police Department (302) 366-7111 to have the police handle the situation;

    6. Understand that permit expires on the date stated on the permit sticker. It is the sole obligation of the permit holder to renew the permit, which can be done ten (10) business days prior to the expiration date with no guarantee to obtain the permit again;

    7. There will be no reimbursements for cancellations. All permit sales are final for the duration of the agreement;

    8. We are not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, theft, breakage or collision;

    9. Permits do not guarantee a space; they only provide a cheaper rate (Exception Lot 5 -- vehicle must be parked in the space you were assigned);

    10. Permit holders are to park in any available legal parking spaces. (Exception Lot 5 -- vehicle must be parked in the space you were assigned);

    11. Any questions or concerns, call the Parking Division office (302) 366-7000;

  6. Term Agreement & Sign*

  7. Please type out your full name.

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