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Landlord Residential Parking Application

  1. Residential Parking Program: Landlord Permits
    This application is for landlords who have eligible properties, that reside in a Residential Parking Zone, and require on-street parking permits.

    These permits grant temporary on-street parking to owners and representatives conduct business at their rental properties.

    These passes are not for tenants or long term parking. Tenants should contact parking to inquire about their eligibility.
  2. Are you the legal owner of the property?*
  3. Please note, we may request the owner or legal representative fill out this form.
  4. Please list all names the properties may be listed under. This allows us to search to find a full listing of rental properties that may fall into Residential Parking Zones.
  5. Please list at least one. If you have multiple eligible rentals, you do not need to list them all, we will use the LLC and owner names provided to see what other zones you will be permitted to park in.
  6. Do you have existing permits in your possession that are legible and intact?*
  7. If you do not have the numbers, we can confirm them at another time.
  8. Terms
    By accepting permits you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to obey all City ordinances regarding the Residential Parking Program (RPP). This application is not a guarantee of participation in the RPP. Participants are responsible to oversee the proper use of any permit(s) issued to them.

    You are attesting that you are the owner or legal representative of the rental property.


    Permits cannot be gifted, sold, or duplicated.

    Landlord permits are only to be used for short term visits to rental properties. They are not allowed to be used for commuting or of purposes outside of visiting the rental property.

    The permit is strictly for use by the property owner, manager, and representatives conducting business at the rental property.

    If there is long-term maintenance or construction being planned at the property (in excess of two days), please contact the Parking Division at (302) 366-7000 to let us know so we can make arrangements for contractor vehicles.

    The landlord passes are not to be given to tenants. Tenants need to apply for their own permits. They can fill out an application online or contact the parking office.

    You can only use the permit in assigned zones where your rental properties are located .

    The vehicle must park as close to the house as possible, where the nearest open spot can be found.

    It is your responsibility to keep track of and to renew any permits that have expired.

    The permit holder is responsible for contacting the Parking Division regarding any changes to their status (stolen or missing permits, change of home ownership, etc...). Failure to do so may result in fines.

    The permit issued to you is City property and must be surrendered upon a request from the Parking Division. The Parking Division reserves the right to request additional documentation.

    Permits that have expired and are not intended to be renewed should be destroyed or returned to the Parking Division office.

    Any misuse or abuse of the Residential Parking Program will result in fines and penalties. This includes, but is not limited to, having RPP privileges revoked.
  9. Agreement*
    Please upload the following documents (JPEG, PNG, Tiff, or PDF Only)
  11. If you are filling out this form on behalf of the owner or business, you may want to provide a supporting letter or other documentation to show your relationship or authorization. We will also let you know if we need additional documents at the time of application review.
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