The Communications team includes the City’s chief communications officer, creative designer/web specialist and Welcome Center receptionist. Together, they are responsible for communicating with the public through a variety of channels including:

CGI Communications Partnership

The City of Newark recently partnered with CGI Communications, in cooperation with the National League of Cities and United States Conference of Mayors, to develop a cost-free community showcase program that will allow Newark to better promote tourism, educate and welcome future families and residents, recruit new business and more. The partnership opportunity includes the development of high-quality videos on a variety of topics of interest to Newark and/or its constituents – all at no cost to the City. Costs are absorbed through sponsorship by local businesses and in concert with local non-profits, all of which are solicited by CGI.
  1. City of Newark Logo

    Understanding the City of Newark Utility Rate Increase

    Due to circumstances outside of its control, the City of Newark, a community electric utility powered by the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC), is increasing the current Revenue Stabilization Adjustment (RSA) by $0.01367 per kilowatt... Read on...
  2. News Brief Web

    City of Newark Newsletter

    Residents can now read the latest issue of City of Newark's newsletter online. Click this article to see what is happening in our city! Read on...
  3. Capture

    Old Paper Mill Road Park Project Update

    JMT, City of Newark's planning consultant, presented a brief background of the project, a summary of the planning process, an overview of the preliminary plan, and a schedule for implementing park improvements on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Files from ... Read on...
  4. 2022 Water Quality Report

    2022 Water Quality Report Now Available!

    The City of Newark Water Department has been committed to providing high-quality water since 1888. As a result of our regular sampling and testing program, we are proud to report Newark meets or exceeds the water quality standards of the Delaware ... Read on...
  5. Recycling Audit

    City of Newark to Conduct Recycle Audits Starting February 24

    Refuse collectors aim to reduce contamination and improve recycling habits Starting Thursday, February 24, the City of Newark will conduct recycling audits during regularly scheduled ... Read on...
  6. Renewable Energy News Flash Website

    Newark’s Renewable Energy Program

    Beginning May 27, City of Newark utility customers will have the option to obtain 100% of their electricity from renewable sources. New customers will be automatically enrolled in the program, and existing customers can opt-in using the form below... Read on...
  7. Newark_PD_website

    8 Can't Wait Response and FAQ

    The City of Newark is dedicated to providing effective and impartial services, especially in the area of public safety. In light of the recent national events, it’s necessary to demonstrate the ways in which the Newark Police Department (NPD) practices... Read on...
  8. Moving In or Out-website

    Moving In or Out?

    Moving? Start your electric utility services using CustomerConnect 6 and avoid the wait! Read on...
  9. FacebookFeed_DownloadApp

    Newark Places Recycling Program at Residents' Fingertips

    The City of Newark is excited to announce it has partnered with the largest national recycling education network, Recycle Coach, making its recycling program readily available to residents on desktop and mobile applications... Read on...
  10. pexels-photo-1446263

    City of Newark and DEMEC Introduce Efficiency Smart Program for Newark Electric Customers

    Program offers rebates and several services designed to help residents and businesses reduce energy use Read on...
  11. PropertyBillTaxesOnline

    Real estate taxes just got a whole lot easier!

    City of Newark residents can now view and pay their property bill taxes online. Read on...
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