Property Maintenance

Existing buildings and all rental properties are inspected by our property maintenance inspector to ensure safe and sanitary housing. This section responds to all manner of complaints ranging from high grass and weeds to overcrowding in rental properties, to items that would make a property “unfit for human habitation” such as no utilities, defective sanitary systems, etc. They conduct annual safety inspections on all rental properties, issue appropriate violation notices, and prepare court cases for non-compliance.



City of Newark practices a code enforcement ticketing program to instantly address property maintenance violations. The Instant Ticket Program removes the code violation process from the criminal system and instead assesses civil penalties. The program carries an immediate fine that is payable in a specific time period, similar to a parking ticket. It is designed to more efficiently pursue and attain compliance for property maintenance violations and deter future violations. The ticket will be followed by a letter in the mail including a photograph of the violation. The most common anticipated violations include, but are not limited to, excessively tall weeds or grass, accumulation of trash, rubbish and debris, and inadequate sidewalk snow removal.

Under this program, violations to the City's Property Maintenance Code are subject to an instant $100 fine. If the fine is not paid within 30 days, an additional $100 will be added to the original fine. If the violation is not corrected within the allowable time frame, the city will use its own resources or hire a contractor to abate the violation and charge the violator for the cost of the service plus administrative fees.

More Information

For more information about the Instant Ticket Program, call (302) 366-7000.