Recognized Donors

Realizing the McKees Solar Park

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The City of Newark would like to thank all of its donors who through charitable donations are improving Newark's ability to produce green, renewable energy right here at home. Again, thank you!


Thank you for multiple panel donations!

Councilman Stu Markham
Gabriel & Cindi Brooks    


Thank you for donating an entire panel!

Jim & Jean Dunson

Max and Yannick Curschmann

Paul and Polly Sierer

D. Cameron DeHeer
Steve and Debbie Hegedus
Peter and Amy Roe

Barbara Morris
Debbie Dintenfass
Tom & Jane Churchill

Kevin & Linda Henker

Tom Plamer & Ellen Lebowitz

Carol S. Houck

Karen Barker and Sheila Smith

Nancy, Anna & Lily Grosso

John and Karen Hornor


Thank you for your partial panel donation!

David Lawrence

Barbara Hughes

Vicky Kleinman

Rosemarie E. White


Thank you for your partial panel donation!

Lou Vitola
George Irvine
Job Taminiau

Jim & Carol McKelvey

Donald Dutton

Catriona & Stuart Binder-Macleod

Frances S. Walsh

Victor Silva

Several anonymous donors