Procedures for Adopting a Park

Adoptable Parks and Open Spaces

Christina Creek (Barksdale Road to Church Road)
Christina Creek (Elkton Road to Barksdale Road)
Douglas D Alley Park
Elan Park 
Fairfield Park 
George Read Park
Iron Glen Park
Karpinski Park
McKees Park
Old Paper Mill Park
Open Space Behind Park Place Apartments
Pomeroy-Newark Rail Trail (Wyoming to Hall Trail)
Ridgewood Glen Park
White Chapel Park

Steps to Take to Adopt a Park

  1. Complete the basic information form with information about your group and the area or areas that you would like to adopt.
  2. Complete the appropriate adult and youth waiver and release forms for all individuals that may be participating in the monthly clean ups.
  3. Read the Conditions Required to Adopt a Park and Safety and Precautions.
  4. Turn all three forms in to Bill Johnson in the Park & Recreation Department at 220 South Main Street, Newark, DE 19711 during normal business hours.
  5. You will be contacted and informed of your acceptance into the program and notified about your adopted park.
  6. A walk through of the park will be scheduled with the Parks Superintendent and you will be given bags to get started.