Stormwater Utility

City Council approved the stormwater utility on Monday, October 9, 2017 after years of discussion. As of January 1, 2018, residents pay a fee each month to support stormwater activities, depending on which tier their property falls into. The four tiers are based on each residential parcel’s impervious area.  Non-residential property owners will also pay a fee based upon the impervious area of the parcel. The fee will raise approximately $1.7 million each year to improve the City’s stormwater system and facilities. Rates are set according to budgetary needs each year during the City’s budget process. The current rate, based on the median residential parcel in the City is $3.54/ESU. The table below breaks down the charges for each tier. 
For additional information regarding stormwater, please view the
City of Newark's municipal code chapter 25A - Stormwater.

Stormwater Utility Charge Estimator

Interactive Stormwater Charge Mapping Tool 


Residential Stormwater Utility Charge

 Tier Impervious Area (sq ft) ESU* Factor 
 Monthly Fee**
 10 to 1,289  0.60$2.12 
 21,290 to 1,950  1.00$3.54 
 31,951 to 2,610 1.30$4.61
 42,611 or more 1.80$6.37 

 * Equivalent Stormwater Unit
 ** Monthly fee as of January 1, 2019



Non-Residential Stormwater Utility Charge

$3.54 Per ESU* Per Month
See example calculation below

Equivalent Stormwater Unit

Example Calculation for Non-Residential

 Retail store on 5000 square foot parcel (gross area)

Stormwater Class: Commercial
Stormwater Runoff Factor: .95
Effective Impervious Area: 5000 ft²× .95 = 4,750 ft²
 Parcel ESU: 4,750 ft²/ 1620 ft²/ ESU = 2.93 ESU
 Monthly Charge: 2.93 ESU × $3.54 = $10.37


 Condominium Stormwater Utility Charge

$3.54 Per ESU* Per Month
ESU is calculated based on actual impervious area

Equivalent Stormwater Unit


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