Rental Housing Needs Assessment Study

Study Outline

The City has contracted with Urban Partners to conduct a two phase study into rental housing needs in Newark as follows:

Phase I

  • An assessment of student and non-student rental housing needs, including the current rental inventory and a determination of the number of additional units needed to ensure the economic feasibility of the market;
  • Provide recommendations on the number of additional units needed to meet current and future demand: including the type and location of the units necessary, as well as strategies to update the determination of need as development continues.
  • View the completed report from Phase I here: Summary of Findings in Phase One

Phase II

  • An assessment of the current home owner assistance programs, single family occupancy and maintenance controls, and downtown mixed use development strategy as a tool to balance the impacts associated with off campus student rental housing growth.
  • Provide examples of successful programs for the City to investigate regarding promotion of owner-occupancy.