Green Newark Projects

Making Newark a "Green" Place to Live

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Newark is working to become a “greener" community every day. Every little bit helps. Some projects are grand in scale and have a community-wide effect while others are small in-house changes the City makes in the way it operates and does business. The following are examples of initiatives, projects, and programs enacted by the City in order to reduce our carbon footprint and increase conservation and environmental awareness. Learn more...

Green Energy Programs

Through the State of Delaware’s enabling green energy legislation, the City of Newark offers matching grants and invests in energy efficiency projects that benefit your community. Click here to get started on a grant application or to learn more about Newark’s green energy grant programs, which are administered in partnership with DEMEC, Inc. Newark’s Net Metering Policy for interconnected green energy generation systems can be found by clicking here. To find more information about energy efficiency and other statewide energy programs, visit Delaware’s Division of Climate, Coastal and Energy.

McKees Solar Park

McKees Park is a 3.91-acre brownfield site off East Cleveland Avenue in Newark, Delaware being redeveloped for the purpose of a 230-kilowatt solar farm. This behind-the-meter renewable power source will serve all residents by reducing the City’s peak power demand, lowering the wholesale cost of power, generating solar renewable energy credits, bringing locally produced green energy to the City’s electric users, and reducing the City’s carbon footprint. The 900-panel array will produce enough electricity to power approximately 26 to 36 homes, depending on the season. Commercial operation is anticipated before the end of summer 2014. Learn more...