Storm Tree Damage Tips

Tree Damage Advice

Mother Nature has already sent a storm our way, complete with heavy rains and high winds. Some people had little damage or no damage, while others were not so lucky! Tree damage ranges from broken limbs here and there to whole trees being uprooted.

The weather service says that there are more to come before the season is over. Here are some important points to remember should you experience damage to your residence:
  • Secure the area and inform everyone to stay away. Large limbs that are broken and hanging can fall at any time.
  • Contact the Building Department of the City of Newark for a structural inspection.
  • Uprooting trees lying on their sides can shift. Partially uprooted trees also can fall at any moment. Do not let people in these areas until a professional has assessed and resolved this issue.
  • Do not touch the fallen tree. It may have taken down power lines on its way down. These power lines may not be easily visible, but they can still be energized. The tree as well as a metal chain link fence may be energized.
  • Call the professionals! You will need a reputable and qualified tree care company. Do not cut up storm damaged trees or limbs. Often times there are spring loaded forces that can cause serious injury if not dealt with properly. Depending on what the tree lands on you may also need a roofer, carpenter, or electrician. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau, and make sure they are licensed before choosing your contractor. The answers to the following questions can help to relieve some of the stress associated with storm damage:
    • How will the work be performed?
    • Are you insured? Ask for current Certificate of Insurance.
    • When will the work be started and completed?