Graffiti Abatement

Keeping Graffiti Out of Our City

The Newark Police Department seeks the assistance of citizens and business owners in combating graffiti within the City of Newark. Through the cooperative efforts of citizens and the police, the department has been able to place hundreds of charges against graffiti vandals over the past several years.

Steps You Can Take to Help Fight Graffiti

With your help we can do an even better job at this difficult task. By taking a few simple steps, citizens and business owners can greatly increase the effectiveness of the police in fighting graffiti.
  • A case stands a much better chance of successful prosecution when the date of offense is known.
  • Consider using graffiti-resistant paint. Graffiti-resistant paint may be appropriate for areas that are particularly prone to graffiti vandalism. The products are designed to allow for easier clean-up than traditional paints.
  • Ensure your property has good lighting. By providing ample lighting, you can help to expose graffiti vandals' activities.
  • Photograph graffiti before removing it. Many works of graffiti can be compared and traced to their author when clear photographs are available. If you must remove graffiti before the police can view it, a photograph will assist in prosecution.
  • Remove graffiti as soon as possible. No other single action can help prevent further graffiti as much as its prompt removal. By eliminating the perceived status symbol that graffiti presents for its authors, you can remove the perceived benefit to the graffiti vandal.
  • Report graffiti to the police as soon as possible after it is discovered.
  • Report suspicious subjects to the police. If you see individuals who are in areas where they don't belong (e.g. rooftops, private alleyways, etc.), please notify the police immediately. By promptly reporting suspicious persons, you may help prevent graffiti from occurring in the first place.

Additional Information

For more information regarding the Newark Police Department's crime prevention services, contact the Crime Prevention Officer.