B League Wednesday - Summer Volleyball


City of Newark

Department of Parks and Recreation

 2023 Summer Volleyball – B League Wednesday


EZ PassersJeff Brake
Roarin 20sCory Budischak
Irish JunctionLouis Rosanio
Viking PowerJim Graff
Bad News NettersDeb Keeley
Balls Out Emily Smith
BallbustersBill Robeson
Frump on a LogJohn Galvis

 Important Information: 

1.     All matches will be played at Downes Elementary School beginning at 6:15 p.m.

2.     Home Team must be at Downes by 6:00 p.m. to set up the net system.  Visiting Team will take down the system.

3.     Team captain will make certain that equipment is placed near the storage box.

4.     Team captains from both teams will be required to initial the score sheet at the end of the match.

5.     Rainouts will be rescheduled by the Parks and Recreation Department.

6.     Cancellations will be announced on the Leisure Time Hotline at (302) 366-7147 after 4 p.m.  Should conditions worsen after 4:00 p.m., report to the court.  Cancellation decisions will be made at match time.

7.     Contact Tyler DeBruin at (302) 366-7000 ext 1044 or tdebruin@newark.de.us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the league. 

4/266:15 11Roarin 20s2Viking Power3
4/266:1522Balls Out5Bad News Netters0
4/26 6:153
Irish Junction0Frump on a Log5
4/26 6:1544Ballbusters4EZ Passers1
5/36:1551Irish Junction0Ballbusters5
5/36:1562Balls Out3EZ Passers2
5/3 6:1573Viking Power4Frump on a Log1
5/36:1584Bad News Netters0Roarin 20s5
5/106:1591Bad News Netters1EZ Passers4
5/106:15102Roarin 20s3Frump on a Log2
5/106:15113Balls Out5Irish Junction0
5/106:15124Viking Power2Ballbusters3
 5/176:15131Bad News Netters0Irish Junction5
 5/176:15142Viking Power5Balls Out0
 5/176:15153EZ Passers3Roarin 20s2
 5/176:15164Frump on a Log1Ballbusters.4
5/246:15171Roarin 20s3Ballbusters2
5/246:15182EZ Passers3Irish Junction2
5/246:15193Frump on a Log5Balls Outforfeit
5/246:15204Bad News Netters1Viking Power4

6:15211Frump on a Log5Bad News Netters0
5/316:15222EZ Passers4Viking Power1
5/316:15 233Ballbusters4Balls Out1
6:15244Irish Junction0Roarin 20s5

6/76:15251Irish Junction0Viking Power5
6/76:15262Roarin 20s4Balls Out1
6/76:15273EZ Passers2Frump on a Log3
6/76:15284Ballbusters5Bad News Netters0
6/146:15291Frump on a Log5Irish Junction0
6/146:15302EZ Passers1Ballbusters4
6/146:15313Viking Power2Roarin 20s3
6/146:16324Bad News Netters0Balls Out5

6/21 RAIN331Roarin 20s
Bad News Netters
6/21RAIN342Frump on a Log
Viking Power
6/21 RAIN353EZ Passers Balls Out 
Irish Junction

6/28 6:15371Balls Out2Viking Power3
6/286:15382Irish Junction2Bad News Netters3
6/286:15393Ballbusters3Frump on a Log2
6/286:15404Roarin 20s4EZ Passers1



1Roarin 20s5Bad News Netters0

2Frump on a Log1Viking Power4

3EZ Passers3Balls Out2

4Ballbusters5Irish Junction0


7/196:15111st Place Team - Ballbusters38th Place Team - Bad News Netters1
7/256:15224th Place Team - Frump on a Log15th Place Team - EZ Passers3
7/196:15333rd Place Team - Viking Power36th Place Team - Balls Out2
7/196:15442nd Place Team - Roarin 20s37th Place Team - Irish Junction0

7/266:1551Winner of Game 1 - Ballbusters3Winner of Game 2 - EZ Passers0
8/16:1562Winner of Game 3 - Viking Power2Winner of Game 4 - Roaring 20s3

6:1571Winner of Game 5 - Ballbusters1Winner of Game 6 - Roaring 20s3


Final Standings Wins Losses
1st - Ballbusters3713
2nd - Roarin 20s3614
3rd - Viking Power3317
4th - Frump on a Log3020
5th - EZ Passers2426
6th - Balls Out2426
7th - Irish Junction941
8th - Bad News Netters545