B League Tuesday - Summer Volleyball

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Department of Parks and Recreation

2023 Summer Volleyball – B League Tuesday  

 Team Name Captain
Sockit2YouBill Smith
Astra Zeneca/Scared TiplessEric Mackey
Big Dig EnergyKristin Betau
Cobra KaiDenise Lukasik
AcesJudy England

Important Information: 

1.     All matches will be played at Downes Elementary School beginning at 6:15 p.m.

2.     Home Team must be at Downes by 6:00 p.m. to set up the net system.  Visiting Team will take down the system.

3.     Team captain will make certain that equipment is placed near the storage box.

4.     Team captains from both teams will be required to initial the score sheet at the end of the match.

5.     Rainouts will be rescheduled by the Parks and Recreation Department.

6.     Contact Tyler DeBruin at (302) 366-7000 ext 1044 or tdebruin@newark.de.us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the league.

**All cancellations will be announced on the Leisure Time Hotline (366-7147) after 4pm.  Should conditions worsen after 4pm, report to the court - cancellation decisions will be made at match time.    


4/256:1511Sockit2You0Cobra Kai5
4/256:1522Big Dig Energy0Aces5

BYE - Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless

5/2 6:1531Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless5Big Dig Energy0
5/2 6:1542Sockit2You2Aces3

BYE - Cobra Kai

5/9 6:1551Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless2Aces3
5/9 6:1562Big Dig Energy0Cobra Kai5

BYE - Sockit2You

5/166:1571Cobra Kai3Aces2
5/166:1582Sockit2You1Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless4

BYE - Big Dig Energy

5/236:1591Sockit2You5Big Dig Energy0
5/236:15102Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless0Cobra Kai5

BYE - Aces

5/306:15111Big Dig Energy0Aces5
5/306:15122Sockit2You0Cobra Kai5

BYE - Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless

6/6 6:15131Big Dig Energy0Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless5
6/6 6:15142Aces3Sockit2You2

BYE - Cobra Kai

6/136:15151Aces0Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless5
6/136:15162Cobra Kai5Big Dig Energy0

BYE - Sockit2You

6/206:15171Aces0Cobra Kai5
Astra Zeneca/Scared TiplessWin 5-0Sockit2YouForfeit

BYE - Big Dig Energy

7/116:15191Big Dig Energy0Sockit2You5
7/116:15202Cobra Kai1Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless4

BYE - Aces

     7/4 - No Games - Holiday   

7/186:1514th Place Team - Sockit2YouForfeit5th Place Team - Big Dig Energy3

7/25 6:15211st Place Team - Cobra Kai3WINNER OF GAME 1 - Big Dig Energy0
322nd Place Team - Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless33rd Place Team - Aces1
8/1 6:1541WINNER OF GAME 2 - Cobra Kai3WINNER OF GAME 3 - AZ/Scared Tipless1

Final StandingsWinsLosses
1st - Cobra Kai346
2nd - Astra Zeneca/Scared Tipless3010
3rd - Aces2119
4th - Sockit2You1525
5th - Big Dig Energy040