Goals & Philosophy


The academy has four established goals:
  • To allow the attendees to gain a new perspective on what it's like to be a law enforcement officer.
  • To familiarize the attendees in the operations of the Newark Police Department and to experience some of the everyday tasks.
  • To have the attendees experience some of the training that a law enforcement officer receives.
  • To offer the attendees a historical, present day, and future perspective of the law enforcement and emergency services profession.


The academy’s philosophy focuses on the creation of a casual learning environment, where candid and open dialogue is appreciated, where the treatment of others with respect and tolerance is the standard, and where we understand that law enforcement officers and emergency services personnel live by a set of values and may be called upon to make the "supreme sacrifice" in the line of duty.

The academy adheres to a set of rules, however the environment is best described as informal, especially when compared to the Youth Police Academy.