Avoiding Scams & Fraud

Travel Fraud

  • Be wary of overly friendly strangers in public areas.
  • Do research before you decide on a vacation package.
  • Keep your long distance telephone card number secure. Do not allow others to observe your card number or overhear your conversation.
  • Use a reputable travel agency.

Mail Ploys

  • Ignore chain letters.
  • Investigate all offers before buying. Read all of the fine print.
  • Never pay for items you have not ordered.

Telemarketing Fraud

  • Avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Deals that are "limited time offers" can be a sign of fraud.
  • Check a company's track record. Deal only with reputable, known companies. Check references.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information to companies unless you know they are legitimate.
  • Federal law allows for consumers to advise telemarketers not to call again. Keep a list of names and dates of companies, which you have warned not to call. If a company calls you again, contact the Delaware Attorney Generals Office or Federal Trade Commission.
  • Hang up, you have no obligation to speak with or entertain any offer.
  • Remember that if an offer sounds to good to be true. It probably is.

Home Repair Fraud

  • Always get several estimates before having any work done at your residence.
  • Obtain references from companies.
  • Read all of the fine print.