Electric Department

Electricity (Municipal Code: Chapter 11)

The city provides electric service to customers within city limits. Deposits are required for all new commercial, industrial, and residential accounts. The customer should contact the Electric Department to determine the availability of the type of service required.


For newly approved subdivisions, the city requires a payment from the developer to cover a portion of the cost of installing electric service. The city determines payment amounts based upon a review of the plot plans, structural drawings, and electricity load needs submitted by the developer. The city normally installs street lighting on city streets at no cost to the developer.

Individual Service Connections

For service connections to individual homes or businesses, the city will determine meter locations and provide one span of the overhead electricity service drop. Property owners may install underground connections, at their own expense, with the approval of the Electric Department Director.

Electric Service Handbook

A guide for customers, contractors, architects, engineers and others who plan to install electrical wiring or apparatus which will be connected to the City o f Newark electrical distribution system.

Additional Information

For more information, please contact the Electric Department at 302-366-7050.