Planning Commission

About the Commission

The Planning Commission makes recommendations to city council concerning:

  • Annexations
  • Rezoning of Property
  • Subdivision
  • Development Approvals
  • Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations Amendments
  • Adoptions and Amendment of Comprehensive Plans
  • Demolitions of Historic Buildings
  • Municipal Capital Expenditures

The commission also makes determinations on requests for off-street parking requirement waivers. The commission's advice to the city council, except in the case of parking waivers, is always in the form of a recommendation; City Council may also hear appeals of, review, modify or deny the commission's approval, disapproval or approval with conditions of off-street parking waivers upon the recommendation of a member of Council, Planning and Development Director and/or the City Manager.

The elected City Council makes all final decisions on land development and comprehensive planning matters

View the commission's annual report and work plan, and rules of procedure (adopted October 11, 2017 and revised February 2, 2021).

View the Planning Commission Bylaws here (revised February 2nd, 2021).

Design Review

In their review of land use proposals, the Planning Commission and City Council may consider comments from the Downtown Newark Partnership (DNP) Design Committee regarding land use projects located in Newark’s downtown and may also consult the DNP Design Guidelines for Downtown Newark, per Chapter 27, Appendix XIII of the City Code

Member Selection

The Planning Commission consists of seven members. Six commissioners, one from each of the six districts into which the city has been divided for election purposes, are nominated by city council members from the districts they represent. One at-large commissioner is nominated by the mayor. The commissioners are appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by city council, for three year terms.

At its first meeting each year following September 16th, the commission elects a chair and vice-chair to preside over commission meetings, and also elects a commission secretary.