Developer Requirements

This page has the necessary information for Subdivision Plan (SAC), Lines and Grades, and Construction Improvement Plan (CIP) project submittals to the City of Newark, DE. If you are a developer looking to receive electrical service from the City, please find the applicable checklist below. Below you will find a flow chart to help pick which checklist applies to your project. If the flow chart doesn’t give you enough information to pick, we encourage you to fill out the below questionnaire to give us more information about your proposed development so we can help point you to the right checklist and streamline the process, limiting the number of submissions you’ll need to get approved. Keep in mind that while your choice of aerial, aerial to underground, or underground may match your project specifications like load size, each project is unique, and the Electric Department will determine if the chosen type of service is suitable.

Subdivision Plan

Lines and Grades

Construction Improvement Plan