Newark Community Sustainability Plan


In September 2017, the City of Newark received $80,000 from DNREC’s Division of Energy and Climate to develop, through a collaborative process, a broad, long-term, and integrated community sustainability plan – Sustainable Newark – to implement the City’s vision, goals, and action items contained in its Comprehensive Development Plan V.

A community sustainability plan is a roadmap for making a community a socially fair, economically strong, and environmentally healthy place to live, work, and play. Developed in consultation with community members, a community sustainability plan is a long-term plan to help the community realize its collective sustainability goals.

The “kick-off” for the Sustainable Newark planning effort took place on September 17, 2017, coinciding with Newark Community Day. The Sustainable Newark project team hosted an exhibit at the event to expose citizens to information and ideas that support sustainable planning, as well as provide citizens with the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, and react to information displayed at the event.

Steering Committee Members

A steering committee was established to bring together a diverse range of government agencies, City departments, community groups, and residents to coordinate a comprehensive and integrated sustainability plan. The steering committee includes representatives from: The Conservation Advisory Commission; the Planning Commission; WILMAPCO; University of Delaware; BikeNewark; the Newark Transportation Improvement Project (TrIP); the Department of Public Works and Water Resources; the Department of Parks and Recreation; the Department of Planning and Development; the City Manager’s Office; and 2-3 Newark residents (at-large).


All meetings will be posted and open to the public. Agendas and meeting minutes will be posted on the City website.


Steering Committee Members

Plan for Planning

Request for Proposal (RFP)