Selection Process

Phases of Selection Process 

Qualified applicants will be eligible to compete in the selection process for police officers. The selection process will be job-related and competitive in nature. Each applicant must successfully complete the minimum requirements of each phase of the selection process to remain eligible.

For candidates who travel more than 100 miles from their home to Newark, DE to apply for the position of police officer, we will attempt to schedule parts of the process on the same day, thereby reducing the number of trips to Newark required to complete the process. Candidates who meet the 100-mile criteria will receive notification prior to the written examination from the HR Department.

Each candidate who fails to complete a phase of the selection process will be eliminated from further consideration and notified by e-mail. The phases of the selection process are as follows:

Written Examination

Once an application has been submitted and the candidate has been found to meet the minimum qualifications for the position of police officer, the candidate will receive an invitation to take a validated, standardized written examination.  The examination is computer-based and is taken in a proctored environment at the Newark Municipal Building.  A passing score must be obtained to continue in the application process.  No prior knowledge related to police work is required to be successful on the examination.

The candidate will be provided with various examination dates and the candidate may choose an examination date that is convenient to the candidate's own schedule.  The candidate will be provided a preparation guide prior to the examination date which will familiarize the candidate with the components of the examination and provide sample questions. 

Physical Fitness Test

After passing the written examination, candidates be given information about taking the PT test with our contracted service provider. Candidates may set-up an appointment to take the test at their convenience.  The PT test must be completed within two weeks after taking the written examination.  The background investigation may begin anywhere from 3-8 weeks or longer after the written examination.  The minimum passing requirements are based on the Cooper Institute 20th percentile standards. Each component of this test is rated pass/fail.

The current minimum passing requirements are:PT Requirements

Candidates must successfully complete the minimum requirements of each phase of the physical fitness test to remain eligible in the process.

Structured Oral Interview

The candidates who pass the written examination will participate in a structured oral interview. Each candidate will be asked to provide oral responses to a series of interview questions regarding their qualifications and how they have, or how they will, handle specific situations that are relevant to what the candidate may do on the job as a police officer.  

A candidate preparation guide will be provided prior to the structured oral interview with further information about the structured oral interview.  No prior knowledge related to police work is required.

The interview panel is staffed by currently active Newark Police Officers of various ranks. 

Eligibility Roster

The candidates will receive a composite score from the written examination and structured oral interview. Bonus points will be added for possession of a bachelor's degree, prior military service and current police officer certification from any state. Candidates will be ranked based upon their composite scores and then placed on an eligibility roster. All appointments will be made from this roster.

Background Investigation & Polygraph Examination

A background investigation will be conducted on each applicant on the eligibility roster as vacancies exist. An applicant may be disqualified from the roster if the background investigation reveals derogatory information pertaining to the character or conduct of the applicant. Applicants that are not disqualified will then submit to a polygraph examination.


If an approved vacancy in a police officer position arises, the Chief of Police will interview the three highest rated applicants. The City Manager will appoint one of the top three candidates from the eligibility roster to fill the position.

The probationary appointment is contingent on a favorable psychological evaluation and medical examination which are given after a conditional offer of employment. 

The probation period for a police officer is one year if hired as a certified police officer and one year after academy graduation if hired as a non-certified officer.