Minimum Standards

Minimum Standards Required

Before filing an application, each candidate for police officer must meet the following minimum standards:

Citizenship - Each candidate must be a United States citizen.

Age - Each candidate must be at least 21 years old by date of appointment. 

Education - Each candidate must meet one of the following:

  1. Possession of an associate's degree or higher, or have completed one-half of the requirements for a bachelor's degree (60 college credits); or
  2. Possession of 30 college credits with military service.  Prior military service shall be defined as serving two or more years of a commitment with the commitment being defined as either three or more years of active duty, or six or more years of guard or reserve service. Honorable discharge and/or enlistment documentation shall be required.
  3. The college requirements may be waived by the City Manager and Chief of Police for CERTIFIED POLICE OFFICERS with at least 18 months active police experience after graduation from a qualifying police academy.

Applicants must have met the above education requirements at the time the background investigation begins.  Any applicant who does not possess these minimum requirements when the background investigation is to commence will have their application deferred until the minimum education requirements are met.

Driver's License - Each candidate must have a current valid driver's license and one year of driving experience prior to application. An applicant must not have had a revoked or suspended driver's license within the three-year period prior to application. 

Arrest Record - Any candidate who has been convicted of a felony will be disqualified from consideration. 

Physical Requirements - Each applicant must have: 

§Weight in proportion to height

§20/200 vision in each eye, correctable to 20/20 in each eye 

§Normal color vision

§Physical skills necessary to perform the duties