Salary & Fringe Benefits

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Starting salary for a Newark police officer is $42,630 annually.

The salary rises to $52,780 after completion of the police academy. 

Annual step raises are given. Also, after 10 years of service, Newark police officers receive a longevity service award equivalent to 2% of the monthly base salary, times years of service.

Fringe Benefits Information

Newark police officers enjoy an outstanding fringe benefits package that could pay for gym memberships and routine preventative care. In addition, employees are permitted to choose from various plans for dependents at a very low cost. The following benefits are available:

  • Health – 100%paid for employee. For dependents, employee pays 17.5% of the cost.
  • Dental(including orthodontics) - 100% paid for employee. For dependents, employee pays 17.5% of the cost.
  • Vision - 100%paid for employee. For dependents, employee pays 17.5% of the cost.
  • Life Insurance Options 
  • Annual clothing and/or cleaning allowance
  • Annual payment of $750 for possession of a Bachelor's Degree, once the officer achieves 3 years of service

Full Pension Benefits

Eligible employees may participate in the city's pension plan which provides full pension benefits after 20 years of service at 50% of the average of the previous 36 months salary. Employees will earn an additional 3.5% each additional year, maxing out at 67.5% at 25 years.  Employees receive benefits for total and permanent disability or death as well.

The City also provides a Retirement Health Savings Plan to which both the City and the Employee contribute.  These funds can be used upon retirement to pay for health benefits.

Time-Off & LeaveNCCPD Swearing In

12 paid holidays annually 

2 weeks of paid vacation after 1 year of service 

3 weeks of paid vacation after 5 years of service

4 weeks of paid vacations after 10 years of service 

5 weeks of paid vacation after 15 years of service 

5½ weeks of paid vacation after 20 years of service

Employees accumulate 10 hours per month of sick time. In addition, an annual sick time bonus of 24 hours is provided to officers who utilize minimal sick time. After reaching 720 hours of accumulated sick time, the City buys back the excess sick time on a yearly basis. The City also provides emergency, bereavement and military leave.

Additional Benefits

In addition to providing a highly competitive wage and fringe benefit package, the City of Newark also provides the following:

  • Full salary during attendance at the police academy and provides all necessary academy equipment 
  • Paid attendance at additional police training beyond the academy 
  • Payment for tuition and books towards a Bachelor's Degree
  • All required uniforms and equipment provided.

There are no residency restrictions for Newark police officers. The City does not provide take home vehicles for all officers.